Convention Artist: Angelina Galashenkova


Domra Soloist: Angelina Galashenkova

Domra Soloist Angelina Galashenkova-Reed has had a long career of successful performances around the world. She started her musical journey at the age of 7 when she was introduced to the domra. By 10, she had won her first competition in St. Petersburg, Russia, and went on to win three more junior competitions. In 1987, Angelina was accepted to the Mussorgsky musical college in St. Petersburg. In her third year, Angelina won second prize and title of Laureate of National Competition of Professional Domra Players in Nizhni – Novgorod, Russia. She was then immediately invited by Dmitri Khokhlov, conductor of the St. Petersburg’s Andreyev Balalaika Orchestra, to be the guest soloist for important national performances and world tours. 

In 1990 and 1991, Angelina was the guest soloist on tours of Japan and the US playing in major cities and famous concert halls including performances in Carnegie Hall on it’s 100th year anniversary. In 1991, Angelina entered the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow to study domra and minor in piano, spending a year studying with world-renowned musician Alexander Tsygankov. During her second year of studies she won third prize and title of Laureate of International Competition of Professional Folk Artists “Cup of the North Competition” in Cherepovez, Russia. That same year she toured Germany with other top students of the Russian Academy of Music.

In 1994, Angelina quickly expanded her artistic talents by teaching herself how to play the classical mandolin and within three months was performing baroque duets with chamber orchestras in concert halls and cathedrals in St. Petersburg. In 1996, Angelina took a break from her studies at the Russian Academy of Music to tour Australia with the Moscow Kremlin exhibition “World of Faberge.” After two years in Australia, Angelina returned to Moscow to finish her studies at the Russian Academy of Music, then returning to her home in St. Petersburg as a permanent artist and soloist with the Andreyev Balalaika Orchestra.


In 2001, Angelina moved to the US and currently spends her time teaching piano, domra, and mandolin in Atlanta. Angelina is the concertmaster of The Atlanta Balalaika Society Orchestra, a member of Balalaika Fantasy ensemble, and plays in a domra / guitar duo she co-founded with Marina Alexandra called String Time Duo.




At the 2023 convention, Angelina will teach domra technique and perform a mini-concert for convention guests and at the Festival Concert Finale

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