Convention Artist: Alexandrov-Skliar Duo


Guest Artist: Alexandrov-Skliar Duo

Both masters of domra and mandolin, Alexey Alexandrov and Ekaterina Skliar came together in 2015 to form a unique mandolin-domra duo that presents a repertoire that spans the globe; from Bach duets to neo-folklore and jazz. They arrange baroque and classical masterpieces, jazz and ethnic themes for their unique instrumentation, bringing together the traditions of classical music and the atmosphere of freedom from Russian folk origins.  

Mark Linkins, Musical Director of Munier Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra, wrote: “Both products of the M. Glinka Novosibirsk State Conservatory, Alexandrov and Skliar enthrall audiences with their virtuosic skill and impeccable artistry. The combination of Skliar’s pure, crystalline tone (mandolin) and Alexandrov’s warm, harp-like tone (domra) is magical.”

Ekaterina and Alexey have performed concerts in numerous American and Russian cities. The duo has become a nominee for the “MIRA” World Music Award (Russia) and a winner in the category “Best Instrumental Project” of the International Music Festival “Ustuu-Huree” (Russia). Alexey and Ekaterina are prizewinners of national, international and All-Russian competitions and music festivals, including International “Gold Iria” ethnic music competition, All-Russian competition “Young talents of Russia”, International Music Competition of Folk Instrument Performers, and others. They have collaborated with many celebrated artists including violinist Vadim Repin, Gypsy folk song string ensembles “Lendyvay & Friends,” Oliver Lake, Kevin Mahogany, and Alain Musichini.

Alexey Alexandrov

Alexey is a unique artist and composer who expands the boundaries of Domra, playing in both classical and jazz styles. A prizewinner of many international competitions, in 2018 Alexey was awarded the first prize of the prestigious Made in NY Jazz Competition, where he competed with jazz musicians from all over the world. His other accomplishments include I prize at the First and Third International Competitions  “Libertango”, Golden prize at the International “Gold Iria” Ethno Music Competition. Alexey is also a founder of ethno-jazz project “Shake”. This project brings together jazz musicians and folk instrument performers and unites the atmosphere of freedom from Russian folk tradition and the spirit of improvisation from American jazz origins. 

Ekaterina Skliar

Domrist, Mandolinist, and 2019 Astral National Auditions Winner, Ekaterina Skliar made her debut at age 11 with the Russian Folk Instrument Orchestra of the Buryatia Republic. Her large repertoire includes transcriptions of classical music, original works for domra and mandolin, contemporary and jazz music. Ekaterina is a prizewinner of national, international and all-Russian competitions, including International Music Competition of Folk Instrument Performers (3rd prize), International Music competition “The Hope” (1st prize), and many others. In 2018, Ekaterina became one of the three winning finalists in the Kaleidoscope Instrumental and Vocal Competition, where she was chosen from more than 2000 applicants from all over the world and invited to perform with the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra in Los-Angeles, CA. In 2019, Ekaterina became a Silver Medal Award Winner of the Global Music Awards for her recording on domra solo. 


At the 2022 convention, Alexey and Ekaterina will teach domra technique, direct the domra choir, and perform a mini-concert for convention guests and at the Festival Concert Finale

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